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The Internet Dictionary

webpage One piece of a website which contains a small amount of information, roughly equivelent to 3/4 of a written page. Webpages can contain text, graphics, and links. If you were to draw a tree diagram, one leaf of the tree would be the webpage.
Proper Spelling: webpage, not web-page, web page, etc.
website A location on the Internet which contains numerous webpages. A Company may have a website. The olde-time equivalent of a book. If you were to draw a tree diagram, the whole tree would be the website.
Proper Spelling: website, not web-site, web site, web sight, etc.
World Wide Web All the websites in the world. Equivalent to a library. You can recognize a World Wide Web address because it starts with "www" or "http://"
hyperlink Within a document, certain words may be highlighted. If the user clicks on that word, it will take him/her to another webpage. The best example would be an encyclopedia. As you read an article, you wonder what a certain word means. You could click on that word to take you to a definition. Hyperlinks are generally displayed as a blue underlined word. Also called "link" for short.
Client or User An Internet user is someone who is viewing webpages on the Internet. A user retrieves information from the server. Also called a "client."
Server or WebServer A very large computer where data is stored. A server will accept requests from clients for information and give it to them. A WebServer is a specialized server which accepts requests for webpages and gives the appropriate HTML (code) back to the client's computer. Equivalent to a Librarian, who goes and gets books for you (or photocopies pages from a book) and gives them to you to use.
Domain Name An address for finding a website on the Internet. For example, if someone typed in, it would take them to your company's website.
HTML HyperText Markup Language. The programming language for writting webpages. The best webpage designers (more than just HTML coders) will write this code by hand instead of using programs that do it for them automatically but don't give them true flexability.
CGI Common Gatway Interface. A standard which can be used to add functionality to webpages. CGI is a form of programming. For example, an Internet user could fill out a form. When he/she clicks the "Submit" button, the data will given to a CGI program for processing.
Search Engine A database of websites. Users can type in a keyword and find websites that match their interests.
Web Browser A program that a user will use (i.e. Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer) for viewing webpages.
Website Design or Webdesign Creating and programming a website (series of webpages). This is more than just coding, though, it includes everything from making the appropriate graphics to deciding the structure of the website.
Website Hosting Making information available on a server. ISP's are usually website hosts. Customers will pay a certain monthly or yearly fee for the website host to maintain the WebServer to publish their website.
ISP Internet Service Provider. A company that has a server which is always connected to the Internet. This company will allow users to dialup to their server and gain access to the Internet.